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Flood damage is a real hassle and when dealing with any sort of water leak, it’s best to take immediate action to avoid the spread of water.  We at honest home improvement  make sure to to act quickly and utilize our years of experience and advanced equipment to resolve the problem ASAP.  We also make sure your property has dried properly after the drying process, to make sure other problems wont arise.

This is part of the water damage restoration process:

  • Our 24hour Emergency Contact Line
  • Inspection then assessing the damage
  • Removal and extraction of water
  • Drying and De-humidification
  • Sanitizing the damaged area and cleaning
  • Then the restoration process

These are all essential steps in making sure that the flood damage is fixed and that there won’t be any issues in the future, like the growing of mold, due to a damp area that was missed.

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